Next level helmets are here

Ford believes a race can be won or lost in the driver’s mind. To test this, Unit9 developed an EEG-integrated race helmet that measures a driver’s brain data, which can help maximise their performance.

The Unit9 team worked with a neuroscientist to build an EEG-integrated race helmet that uses sensors to measure electrical activity in the driver’s brain, specifically activity associated with cognitive functions like memory, attention, speed of processing, and fatigue. It helps drivers improve their mental performance, which in turn helps improve their physical performance.

The helmet was a complicated exercise in iterative product design, neuroscience, machine learning, and data analysis. It culminated in a live test around the track that was a massive success. They gained real-time and retrospective bio-metric insight into a driver’s brain performance as he drove—an unprecedented feat.

Successfully measuring driver brain data was huge, because this advanced technology has the potential to help drivers become faster, better racers. It will help them get the most out of their abilities and push their performances to the next level.