Discover Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai is developing a landmark location - Dubai Creek Harbour. To showcase the latest developments and to enable visitors to discover it in more detail Unit9 created ‘Discover Dubai Creek Harbour’ augmented reality app to accompany a 4x3m model of area.

It let people learn about the amenities and features and allowed to transfer huge information about the vast region in a simple, easy to use and visually attractive format. It was by far the largest augmented reality project they have ever taken on, in both scale and level of detail as the experienced spanned over 300 buildings in 11 different districts. They built the entire app in Unity and got the highest quality CGI finish possible using real-time rendering. They also used AR Kit with some advanced extensions to track the physical model of the development as closely as possible, enabling the CGI to lay directly on top of it. Take a look at the case study