A space for being - just chill

Informed by neuroaesthetics, an interdisciplinary field of study that strives to understand how the mind and body respond to a vast array of aesthetic experiences, A Space for Being is an interactive installation offering a multi-sensory experience to explore how we react to different stimuli.

The Google Hardware Design Studio built a 6000 square foot installation in Milan for Salone del Mobile based on the concepts of neuroaesthetics. The exhibit was created in partnership with Reddymade Architecture, the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University, and Muuto Furniture Design.

Three unique spaces have been created—each with different designs, colours, textures, scents, and sounds. As guests enter the exhibit they are given a specially-made band to wear, which was developed to measure physiological responses. At the end of the experience, each guest receives a customised readout that suggests which space they felt “most comfortable” or “at ease” in. By demonstrating that environments can impact our biology, neuroaesthetics amplifies the importance of thoughtful design, and reinforces the notion that the elements we surround ourselves with have the potential to affect our well-being. Given Google Design Studio’s conscious focus on design feeling, this exhibit is their way of helping make the impact of design more visible.